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Dr. Sam Osmanagic


Dr. Sam Osmanagic is a scientist, megalithic and pyramid sites researcher, internationally acclaimed author and businessman. He’s discovered the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids that consist of at least six colossal pyramid structures and huge network of prehistorical underground tunnel network near the town of Visoko in central Bosnia-Herzegovina. He’s been Principal Investigator of the Project from 2005 to present.

  • He holds Ph.D. on Mayan pyramids.

  • Anthropology professor and Director of Center for Anthropology at American University in Bosnia-Hersegovina.

  • Foreign member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russia (2007)

  • Croatian Academy of Science and Art in Diaspora, Basel, Switzerland (2015)

  • Author of 18 books on pyramids around the world and ancient civilizations, translated into 17 languages

  • Recipient of the United States Congressional Certificate of Recognition (2013)

  • First honoree of the Amelia B. Edwards Award for “outstanding research and advancement of knowledge of pyramids around the world”.

And many, many more achievements and awards!

He speaks all over the world, and will be joining us for 2 days presenting once each day.

Sat. 4pm – Pyramids and Megalithic Sites around the world as ancient technology built by ‘gods’.

Sunday 4pm – Bosnian Pyramid Healing Energy

Dr. Sam Osmanagic
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