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Soon after my dramatic childhood sighting of a UFO and the crash of a jet that was in hot pursuit, I began to have nightmares and intense dreams that I didn't understand as a child. Some were very painful experiences….

But let me jump forward a year or so to my maternal grandparent's farm in Hillsboro, Texas circa 1954. I lived with my grandparents quite often as a boy - they were, as the saying goes, "Cash poor, dirt rich". One day my grandmother came to me completely covered in a long dress down to her shoes and long sleeves that almost covered her hands. She wore a matching bonnet pulled tight that just exposed her face, "Let's go - I have a picnic for us down by the pond". When we arrived, there were cantaloupes, watermelon, and tomatoes along with a huge shaker of salt. We sat down and "Granny" poured a large amount of salt on slices of everything I ate. After that, at every meal I used excessive amounts of salt on everything - you might say I was a 'saltaholic'. Occasionally someone who cooked the meal objected, but I continued my salt habit through adulthood.

Years later, I told my wife everything tasted 'funny' no matter how much salt I used. I went to the pantry and noticed the latest salt my wife had purchased was "Non-iodized" - that was the difference!

When my health took a big turn for the worse, the doctors discovered I had hypothyroidism and iodine had been used as a treatment for the condition for ages! Eventually I needed to be on much more effective medication.

When my grandmother was dying, but still mentally sharp, I sat by her bedside, with us both knowing it would be our last conversation. Among the questions I asked was about that picnic we had. "Ken, that never happened. We had a cotton farm. I could never keep a garden because I had arthritis so bad." Then it hit me…like a fog that suddenly clears. All I could see in that long dress and a tightly pulled bonnet was a grey face and large almond shape black eyes!

There were other screened memories - like when I received an implant, and other encounters less 'benign'…but that's for another time…

Ken Cherry Host

"We Are Not Alone...."

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