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Have you or someone you know experienced a UFO sighting or Paranormal event?

Are you aware of all the megalithic structures around the world and how they are 'connected’ to each other, what their purpose was, WHO built them and HOW?

Do you want to learn the truth about UFO coverup and disclosure which is now upon us?!

Come be a part of the first annual

"We Are Not Alone in the Universe" DFW Expo!!


UFO sightings, crashes, and abductees’ experiences. Speak with authors, MUFON investigators and others about their experiences as well as the truth concerning coverup and disclosure. Come and listen to a cryptologist/researcher/author/international speaker and contributor to Ancient Aliens and other well-known series about the 'Real Men in Black'.


Ancient structures - Learn about the mysteries of pyramids, other megalithic structures and their similarities all over the planet. Meet and listen to the international speaker and archeologist who discovered the Bosnian pyramids including their use and healing powers.


The Paranormal - an all-encompassing word for ghosts, spirits, and other dimensions which are ‘unseen’ with the human eye. Listen to authors and psychics discuss detailed information about extra-terrestrials, Earth's history, the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria, “The Mystery of Psychic Abilities Revealed”, “Five Reasons to Learn to Psychic” as well as their own experiences with the ‘unseen’ world.

Shop and interact with numerous vendors and intuitive psychic readers and mediums who have experienced UFO or paranormal events.

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